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Re: wind turbines,,yeh or nay

Stratfordian wrote:

spankie wrote:

Even more of a shock is the amount of power we are dumping due to a current excess. Either we sell it to the states and pay way more to get it back when we need it or they are telling the Nuclear plants to either slow production or dump it as steam. So it looks like we really didn't need the wind or solar plants and that there is currently no need to be forcing us to use smart meters and be charged by when we use the power. Also it appears that one of the benefits of the coal plants is that they were quicker to respond that most other methods to increases and decreases in demand. By the way hydro either has to be used right away or it's just dumped as we do not currently have the technology to store it for future use.

Makes you wonder how many more lies the Liberals are feeding us in regards to the energy situation in Ontario and how much money their pocketing or just wasting by lying to us.


Agreed again



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