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beacon Herald reports 43 Stratford Firemen earning more than $100,000.

I am jealous,  I am only in the 5 figures............

"The number of local municipal employees on the so-called sunshine list of top-earning public sector workers has more than doubled thanks in large part to a multimillion-dollar arbitrated settlement with Stratford firefighters last year.

A total of 67 city employees -- including senior executives and managers, staff and emergency workers -- earned more than $100,000 in 2012, according to the list released Thursday. That’s a jump of 40 from the 27 who made the list last year.

Unionized Stratford firefighters, who earned a $2.75 million payout for five years worth of retroactive and retention pay in 2012, account for the bulk of the difference in the municipal and services category.

A total of 43 first-class firefighters, captains, lieutenants, fire inspectors and dispatchers made the list this year, with several of them earning more than fire Chief Richard Young’s $144,570 salary.

Top among them was fire inspector Timothy Adair, who earned $178,685 last year.

By contrast, Stratford police had 16 people on the sunshine list, led by Gerald McEwin ($185,242), who retired last March as Stratford’s police chief.

At city hall, chief administrative officer Ron Shaw was the top earner at $155,835, while his Perth County counterpart Bill Arthur collected $138,694.

There were 137 people on the list between the local school boards -- 103 with the Avon Maitland and 34 with the Huron-Perth Catholic.

Tom Knight, even though he was fired as the executive director of the Huron-Perth Children’s Aid Society in October 2010, collected pay of $168,448 in 2012. That was more than the $147,378 Larry Marshall made to run the organization.

The Huron Perth Healthcare Alliance, which includes the hospitals in Stratford, St. Marys, Seaforth and Clinton, was curiously missing from the province’s list, but a salary disclosure posting on the alliance website lists 22 employees earning more than $100,000 in 2012, including associate pathologist Dr. Sharyn Smith ($373,768) and chief executive officer Andrew Williams ($294,859).

In other health care, four employees of the Perth District Health Unit were on the list, topped by Dr. Miriam Klassen, Perth County medical officer of health, at $284,717.

Four employees of Listowel Memorial Hospital made over $100,000, led by president and CEO Karl Ellis at $193,060.

Taxpayers paid for two MPPs for Perth-Wellington in 2012. John Wilkinson, even though he lost the last provincial election in October 2011, was paid $128,472 in 2012. That was more than sitting MPP Randy Pettapiece, at $116,550.

Stratford’s emerging digital economy was also represented on the list.

University of Waterloo Stratford Campus executive director Ginny Dybenko was paid $230,000.

The top local earners were among 88,000 people across the province who made more than $100,000 last year. That’s up from about 79,000 the year before.

The full public sector salary disclosure list can be found at … ssd/"

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Re: beacon Herald reports 43 Stratford Firemen earning more than $100,000.

No wonder this cities broke.



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Re: beacon Herald reports 43 Stratford Firemen earning more than $100,000.

I do agree that both the cops and the firemen have dangerous jobs...but say $75K should be enough remuneration.  And if they really want to leave for greener pastures (i,e, more money elsewhere), hold the door open...NO MORE retention bonuses.



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Re: beacon Herald reports 43 Stratford Firemen earning more than $100,000.

you will notice that some of these high wages are dispatchers... they are the ones who say where is the fire?  We are on our way....  now how dangerous is that job????????



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