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Re: creating a beautiful market square

rankinfile wrote:

No disagreement with your concept of doing 1/2 the square in grass and trees as a start.   BUT, where do you put the buses---probably the St. Patrick lot---let's now also consider the parking issue, bus routing, lighting for users at night, parking for the University---trashing the Cooper building ( or doing something with the damn thing).....unfortunately this is a multifaceted issue---not a simple move the buses and dig up the road....

What do you bet that the local downtown retail shops will be pissed off NOT having the passengers de-bus in front of their shop (thinking Blowes here).

I would suggest that the buses be moved to the train station.

And I don't think that too many businesses--especially those that surround a vibrant public square--would complain about smelly, noisy, mostly empty buses being moved to be replaced by a busy, bustling, vibrant area.

One of the larger issues is that the infrastructure under the pavement would have to be addressed/updated before anything else can be done.



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