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Panam Games

I was thinking of attending a few events at the Pan-am games. Softball was one and probably the one I most wanted to attend....a couple of others come to mind but are not particularly important as to what they are. That said here is the issue.

The games organizers seem to be unclear as to what they want people to do. "there will be massive congestion on all highways because of the games...avoid driving!!" I should stay wait you want me to come and need more tickets sold.

"there will be no parking available at any of the venues".....hmm...There is a very large parking lot beside the softball venue is it closed?....if it is then where do I park and how do I get from where I park to the venue.

"Use the TTC".....the TTC does not come to Stratford and also does not service Whitby where you are holding the Softball events. "Take GO transit". ...that doesn't come to Stratford either.

So driving is out of the question because we have been warned of the massive traffic problems (its looks to me like most of the problems have been caused by the stupid and virtually unused HOV lanes.....but hey they must have had traffic experts tell them what to do) how do I get to the 7:05pm game between Canada and the Whitby?

So...I looked at VIA....the only Stratford to Toronto Train that would work leaves at 8:40am arriving at Union station at 10:53am The only return train is at at 5:40 the same that won't work. So I guess I'll have to get a room.

So the 8:40 train arriving at Union at 10:53 on July 21 and the 10:55am train arriving in Stratford at 1:07pm on the 22nd. 3 People $230.52

As for the room. It would be best to stay downtown so its easy to get to the station in the morning and not miss the train. But first I have to figure out how to get to Whitby and back to Union.

GO seems like the best option and the cost is included in the ticket!....gee some good news finally. Schedule looks like its about every 30 minutes in either direction. and the trip takes about an hour one way.  Once in Whitby I have to take a Durham Transit bus to the clue how long that might be...but 30 minutes would seem reasonable. So...2 hours on the train from Stratford and hour on GO and 30 minutes on Durham...3:30 minutes to get there....NO wait. I arrive in Toronto at 10:53 in the morning!

I called a couple of hotels we usually stay at in the downtown area. 3 had no rooms one did and it is $425 for the night. I need to pack a bag as this is going to be over night. I have all day in Toronto to kill so that is going to run a bit of a tab...say $150. I could check in at about 4:00 leave the bags and then take GO.

This getting awfully complicated and expensive. Tickets are $25 x we are at in round numbers $750 to watch a single softball game.

You know....I'll skip it. Would rather spend the money watching my daughter play college ball in the US....its cheaper.



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