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Re: Cooper site has heritage value:

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Re: Cooper site has heritage value:

Architectural Conservancy of Ontario holds meeting in Stratford

In the business of heritage preservation nothing can be taken for granted.
Still, a victory for heritage in a nearby community is heartening for the president of the local chapter of the Architectural Conservancy of Ontario, Rick Huband. The ACO held its quarterly provincial business meeting in Stratford on Saturday.

In Guelph there was reason to celebrate recently when it was announced the Petrie Building downtown would be purchased and restored by Tyrcathlen Partners.

The Petrie Building was on Heritage Canada's Top 10 Endangered List for 2014 alongside the Copper site.

News of the restoration project at the Petrie Building is the kind of news those fighting for the conservation of the CNR shops hope to have in the near future. Success for heritage in a nearby community gives conservationists here a bit of a boost.

“Very much so,” Huband said.

The Petrie Building was constructed in 1882 for a pharmacist. What makes it unique is the full metal facade. What makes it a little bit more typical is that the upper floors have been empty and neglected for many decades.

Huband and other conservationists would like nothing more than to see the Cooper site find new life.

“We're all realists. I hate to say it but, more often than not, heritage groups lose rather than win. But a lot of people see a lot of potential for (the Cooper site),” Huband said.

The Petrie Building is an easier sell in some ways and the structure's potential is evident from the street.

“The Cooper site is, in one sense, unique. It's extremely large. It ain't pretty. It's suffered ravages and neglect for three decades but it's an important part of the fabric of this community.”

It's been a long road for heritage and preservation activists who have come together to fight for the site, but the tide may be starting to turn. As Huband points out it was just last year that city council heard a report arguing the building should be demolished. Just this month council considered, seriously, a heritage designation for the building. Though that decision was deferred, the door was left open.

“We've gone from no consultation (with the public) and demolition to consultation and it's worth saving,” he said.

As the city negotiates with Riversedge Developments about the property, Huband is hopeful the prospects for the site are good.

He knows not everyone in the community agrees it's worth saving but he's hopeful if the developer comes forward and engages the community to define the use of the site it may help change the perception.

He knows too, the city can't afford to take this project on and that's why the private sector is an important partner. The private sector also has the expertise, he added.

“Riversedge have interesting things they want to do. If they have a chance to talk to the community about that it might bring some people around.”

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Re: Cooper site has heritage value:

Tell the architectural conservancy to write a cheque for ....ohh....$15 million. Then they can do all the designations and what not they want.



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