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Cancer Ripoff

Top Cancer Executive at LHSC Receives Six Figure Pay-Out
AM980 News


Officials with the LHSC are saying little, days after it was revealed one of London's highest ranking, and highest paid, hospital executives will soon be leaving his post, and getting a generous pay-out once he departs.

AM980 has learned that the vice-president of the London Regional Cancer Program, Brian Orr, will receive a $465,000 severance package from the LHSC when he ends his tenure at the end of March.

Orr has been the VP of the London Regional Cancer Program for 5 years and most recently earned a salary of $218,689 with another $6,764 in potential annual bonuses.

It's unclear whether Orr left voluntarily, or if he was asked to resign, although there's plenty of speculation according to well placed sources at the Cancer Clinic.

The London Health Sciences Centre is refusing to clarify the circumstances surrounding Orr's imminent departure.

President and CEO of the LHSC, Bonnie Adamson, has refused multiple interview requests for the past several days.

On Thursday, AM980 was provided with the following statement, via e-mail, from a hospital spokesperson:

"As previously announced, Brian Orr is leaving his position effective March 31, 2012 - a mutual decision of London Health Sciences Centre, Cancer Care Ontario and Mr. Orr.  While you have asked for further details, we do not discuss such confidential matters for any employee and our focus now is on recruitment of a successor for this position, with the aim of ensuring a smooth transition and continued progress in the portfolio."

The spokesperson refused further comment on the reasons behind Orr's departure.


This is obscene!  I am going to stop giving any money to any cancer or health charities until the government steps in and stops this type of ripoff.  Sorry, its cruel, but I'll give my time and money directly to the causes, but no more to the large charities until this type of abuse stops!



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Re: Cancer Ripoff

LHSC is not a charity, so I'm not sure who you are punishing by any boycott.

On the other hand, the Canadian Cancer Society is apparently notorious for spending a huge percentage of its revenues on promotions, advertising and canvassing, and relatively little on actual research.  It claims that "preventative education" is part of its mandate, thus apparently justifying huge expenditures telling us that smoking is bad, fibre and exercise are good, and stay out of the sun.

You may wish to focus your boycott where it will matter.  The provincial government's role in this, if any, won't be affected by any boycott. 

Hey, wasn't Bonnie Adamson CEO of the old Huron Perth Hospital Alliance pre-amalgamation?



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Re: Cancer Ripoff

Actually, the Cancer society is complicit in its support for these organizations.  yes, the Cancer society has HUGE issues of its own, but combined, all we folks are doing is tossing money into a void to pay salaries.

Yes, I am going to go after the gov's for sure, but LHSC is a disaster unto itself, Cancer Society isn't too much better.  Really, when 80% of the money we donate goes to admin costs, who are we really helping anyways.  Better off to help charities that really make a difference until these rogue charities clean up!



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Re: Cancer Ripoff

on a side note i was appalled at the salary, benefits and golden parachute of a fired kitchener/waterloo hospital ceo.   her elaborate meals and mercedes benz lease all included.........

below is from the Cambridge Times

Former CMH president was big spender
Fired CEO’s severance deal, expenses now online

Former CMH president was big spender. Julia Dumanian After being terminated, former Cambridge Memorial Hospital president Julia Dumanian collected $535,000 in salary and $115,000 in benefits as part of her 18-month severance package.

But as newly released documents detailing Dumanian’s spending practices show, the former chief executive officer cost the hospital and taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars in luxury living during her post there as president.

During the January 2007 reporting period and the time she was fired in September 2009, Dumanian spent in excess of $160,000 on food, lodging and travel expenses.

Page after page of the spending report, now available online via the hospital’s website, detail expenses, including regular meals at venues like Galt Country Club, some costing as high as $700 each, $270 for “hospitality” at Langdon Hall, $200 limousine rides to conferences, a $2,593 monthly car lease for a Mercedes-Benz and thousands of dollars in golfing membership fees at the Galt Country Golf Club.

The hospital published Dumanian’s employment contract, severance settlement and the last two years of her expense reports Thursday after receiving a formal request under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, which now covers hospitals. Chair of the hospital’s board of directors, Chuck Phillips, wouldn’t comment on Dumanian’s expenses, as they were part of a different administration.

But he said publishing the contract and expenses, which is now standard practice with current top administrators, is a “good thing”.

“We want to put all this stuff behind us and focus on all the positive things that are happening at the hospital.”

And he noted that he personally vets current hospital president Patrick Gaskin’s expenses. He said the hospital wants to ensure Gaskin has a presence in the community and is building partnerships, but costs must serve to promote the hospital.

“We certainly commit to being very accountable.”

Phillips noted that new legislation also prohibits some expenses billed by Dumanian, including memberships at private clubs, such as golf courses. As part of Dumanian’s settlement package, she received a lump sum of $45,000, $50,000 in vacation pay, as well as nearly $15,000 toward lawyer costs.

The hospital received $1 million in funding near the time of her dismissal, which was used offset her termination costs.




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