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hey lets shoot at them there propane tanks.....

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The legend says hillbilly Jed Clampett struck it rich when he hit oil while out shootin' at some food. All a local man got was a trip to the hospital after he and a buddy used a propane cylinder for target practice.

"I think they were just out to have some fun and try something different -- and they sure got something different," Const. Kees Wijnands of Perth County OPP said Tuesday.

Police said a man was injured by flying pieces of a propane cylinder at a property northeast of Shakespeare Monday night. Two related men in their 20s were taking turns firing a small-calibre rifle at the small canister like the kind used to fuel a campi ng stove. They thought they were shooting from safe distance.

One of the rounds hit the cylinder, causing it to explode.

The injured man -- he wasn't the one who took the fateful shot -- was taken to Stratford General Hospital where he was treated and released.

Const. Wijnands said the man's injuries weren't serious.

He said he could not release more details about the incident, including how far from the cylind

er the men were standing, because it's still under investigation and may be evidence if a charge is laid. However, he was surprised that someone got hit by the canister pieces.

"I find that amazing that it came back that distance. That just makes me say You don't fool around with stuff like that,'" he said.



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Re: hey lets shoot at them there propane tanks.....


Brought to you by the same people who don't know if they want a bypass around their town or through it. They just know they want one.

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