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A lesson in subtlety

Not only was he masturbating while driving his car at 150km/hr.  He was filming himself.  Need more? He had two live Cannabis plants in his backseat and  4.7 kg of dried bud. Oh did I mention the loaded unregistered gun?,,6431279,00.jpg

Stiff sentence for masturbating driver

By Emily Watkins

January 08, 2009 07:36am

A MAN who filmed himself masturbating while driving at 150km/h on the Northern Territory's Stuart Highway has been fined more than $2000 and copped two months jail.

Brenton Alan Erhardt, 39, appeared in custody before magistrate Sue Oliver yesterday to answer traffic, firearms and drug offences.

Erhardt pleaded guilty to the six charges, which happened in circumstances Ms Oliver described as "bizarre to say the least".

The court heard Erhardt had been travelling south along the Stuart Highway, had been smoking cannabis while driving and was filming himself masturbating with a video camera last July.

The NT News reports police measured his speed at 137 km/h, but the court heard he had been driving at up to 150km/h.

He had two pipes for smoking cannabis in the car, as well as a loaded and an unlicensed .22 calibre rifle.

Police also found 4.9kg of marijuana, including two plants on the back seat.

Ms Oliver said the offence did not reflect Erhardt's age.

"You're not a particularly young man," she said. "This is the sort of conduct you might expect of a much younger, immature person to engage in.

"The offences really just speak of a person who doesn't have much regard for rules and regulations overall."

She sentenced him to 28 days in prison for the driving dangerously charge, which she said was serious.

"It's right up there at the upper end of dangerous driving," she said. "It causes you some embarrassment to have this aired in a public forum.

"Perhaps there's something to be learned from that."

Erhardt was also sentenced to another 28-day prison term for driving while disqualified, to be served cumulatively to the dangerous driving sentence.

Both sentences were to be served concurrently with another prison sentence he is serving.

He was fined a total of $2160 for the drugs and firearms offences.

Erhardt appeared in the Northern Territory Supreme Court last month on further drug charges from the same day.

He was sentenced to three years behind bars. … 21,00.html

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Re: A lesson in subtlety

  When I was driving truck a guy pulled up beside me on the 401 doing the same thing masturbating wierd. I've seen a lot of wierd things on my travels driving.
  Bare Boobs
  girl playing with a guy
  The guy playing with her under her skirt.
  And a few more.
I think people don't know that in a truck you are so much higher and can see things others can't see.



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Re: A lesson in subtlety

I remember one school trip, with the entire school's 8th grade population aboard school busses... the bus I was in pulled up alongside a man in a convertible.  A loud yell went up along that side of the bus.  Guy in the convertible was masturbating, with his pants off.  The yell from that half of the bus brought most of the other half over so fast I'm amazed the bus didn't flip, and the wanking dude looked up at the 8th graders looking down on him from the school bus and just kept right on doing his thing.  Gross.  The driver of the bus, upon realizing what was going on, promptly stomped the brake to let the perv get ahead of the bus and out of view of the 'impressionable' kids..



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