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Red Rabit

This place is located on Wellington St. across from the south side of Market Square in the building that was renovated a few years ago.

This will be brief as we were there just after the place opened and to be fair we will retry it now its got its legs under it.

The space is a hard surface nightmare and when full the assault on your ears is like standing outside a jet at take off. A decent sized bar at the front against the one wall seemed to have been stocked by a single run to the LCBO by a guy that used one of their tiny shopping carts.

The menu was confusing. It was supposed to be one of those share things, but with no idea how food you might get by ordering two things you were just out to sea with what to do. The prices did not seem to match the idea of a sharing menu and as there were two of use we ordered three things. When they arrived (they all cost about the same in the $20 plus range) the difference in quantities was so inconsistent it was ridiculous. One plate would have made a decent single main, the other two barely qualified as starters. We had two glasses of wine from a very poor wine list that seemed to have been designed by someone that was clueless.

Service....hey they just opened and it was as expected, poor. Bill for our troubles was just over $100....way too much in our minds for the endurance test.



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