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#1 2015-07-13 10:15:11

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So when was the last time someone actually posted on this site?? Just came back from a walk down town.  Nice to see all the visitors/residents in their summers.

But what I noticed was the mess on the side walks...especially in front of the Tourist Office down to the BOM.  Stack of cigarette buts and garbage.   And around the benches near the cenotaph.

But I guess you can't learn them smokers.  Don't give a damn about their own health...don't give a damn about our community.

Perhaps the City could equip the flower planters with a broom and dust bin one day each week unless the "outside workers" would have a union revolt.

And while they are at it, the Park guys could power wash the side walk along the river and get rid of the goose sh* every other day!!



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Re: Stratford

I posted something back on the 9th under general discussion. However my thoughts are similar to yours.....the place is dead.



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