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Declining enrolment

Interesting article in the beacon regarding declining public high school enrolment. The focus was its affect on funding. This brought back several events in the past couple of years that I suspected were brought about by ulterior motives, but now more or less confirms them.

Course selection in high school is difficult as with any thing in the education system the course codes make no sense to anyone but an educator. I believe that is done on purpose by the way. grade 9 math...applied and academic... so simplistic code could be M-01ap....or M-01ac....following that logic E-01ap and E-01ac....would denote English.... sure there make be multiple math courses in 11 and 12...but again pretty simple stuff to design a code that pretty much everyone can understand.

So here's the grade 11 the guidance councillor said to our daughter, "you are going to be short on your courses for University admissions and I think you have to consider doing a 5th year to pick them up". We spoke to numerous friends not only here. but in the Waterloo region and the GTA....same story...many were being told they should do a 5th year.

Its pretty clear what's at hand here and it comes from two points and has nothing whatsoever to do with the Kid's best interest. The board wants more butts in seats for funding and the teachers union wants more butts in seats to save their own jobs.

Design an overly  complex system so the fault can be deflected back to the student and parents and then claim they need to stay for a 5th year. Fortunately most seem to be seeing through the ruse and Kids are still graduating and going on to College and University. In our case our daughter successfully finished her freshman year in the US and many of her friends finished theirs in both Canada and the US. This after been told they really needed another year of high school.



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