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Bauer Kitchen

This place is located in the Bauer Buildings on King St. South in Waterloo.

Bauer Kitchen is one of many Charcoal Group offerings. We have been to several of them now and they are all to a high standard. The question was, would this one be too.

Parking is free at Bauer and plentiful. Although I had called to make a reservation in the afternoon they had no record of it when we arrived at 7:15pm. There were some empty tables and after some conferring the pleasant hostess took us to our table. It was a large corner booth with a commanding view of the dining room and also the open kitchen. The interior is retro warehouse with big heavy wood tables, rolling old school warehouse doors, wide planked hardwood floors. A large semi circle bar occupies the center of the space.

They kept referring to the "brown bar" and when we got our menu we figured that out. This thing had page after page of Scotch, various Whisky's, bourbon, rum...basically any dark coloured hard liquor you could imagine and some you couldn't. Top it off with a wide selection of beer and a pretty good wine list including ample Ontario wine and you were in booze haven. GF ordered a Chardonnay from a favourite Niagara you can only buy at the winery due to the appalling job the LCBO does promoting Ontario wines. I ordered a 2 oz pour of Woodford Bourbon...easy on the rocks. Both were excellent although not inexpensive.

The menu is a mix of things some unusual others a twist on an old standard. I ordered the Guinness Braised Short Ribs and GF the Roasted Mushroom Gnocchi
The plates arrived and presentation was excellent and portions just right. The short Rib was wonderfully tender and flavourful. GF said the Gnocchi was extremely good with just the right woody mushroom flavour.

Other than loosing our reservation...which she made right on the spot....I could not find fault with the place. Great booze list...great food and atmosphere and top shelf service. I think the next one will be "Martini's"



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