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Little Reds Pub and Eatery

This place is in St. Mary's right downtown on Queen St and few doors down from the Town Hall.

Little Reds is a reincarnation of Woolfy's which closed as they began work on the round about on hwy 7 and the Thamesford road. The atmosphere could not be more different for old to new.

This is store front style restaurant with a centre entry and tables on either side in the windows. Thankfully the entrance has double doors to create an air lock. The inside is simple with some exposed brick and stone and what appear to be the original hardwood floors.  There about 15 to 18 tables and a long bar with seating. The menu is what you would expect of a gastropub. a couple of signature dishes and an array of burgers, fish and chips and sides. Although they have a good array of scotch, their wine list leaves a lot to be desired. Of all the wines listed there was one single choice from Ontario....that's right one wine. Lots of talk about local ingredients for the food, but they seem totally blind to the 150 odd wineries, many of them extremely good, in southern Ontario. As many of you know that is a bug bear with me.

We sat in one of the window seats. GF wanted a chardonnay...none were listed. The waitress stated they were sold out, yet none where listed on the menu and frankly this was not a menu they print up every day. I ordered a martini which was fine. Shortly after delivery of this the waitress brought out a bottle of Lindemans Chardonay (Australia) and GF had that. I ordered the Bison Burger, priced at about $14....asked what came with it...the answer was "special sauce, lettuce, Tomato, bacon, cheese and onion". No had to cough up another $5 for fries. GF ordered the Fish and chips (it did come with fries).

Service was prompt and our meals came. The fish and chips were reportedly very good...and my bison burger was also very good. My fries for $5...unremarkable.

On leaving we both remarked that this was a nice place, but seemed to be missing was good, service fine...and for the price I would expect all that. But there was just something that was not quite there for us. Needless to say it will not be a regular spot to return to.



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