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Beware of the Car Salesman

Beware of the Car Salesman
A good friend of mine recently discovered that when he purchased a pickup truck a few years ago, the "Rust Buster", which is basically a box which claims to send a minor voltage of electricity throughout the vehicle does not work and when the vehicle rusts, which it will in this part of Ontario with all of the salt dumped on the road.  As I have said before, you might as well duct tape an empty Tim Horton's Coffee Cup to your fender, it is cheaper, you will enjoy the coffee and the results will be the same.   This item and others are tacked on to the price of the vehicle usually at the last moment after you have test drove the vehicle and have come to the conclusion that this is the one I want. 
In my case, the wife and I finally agreed to buy a 2013 Jeep Wrangler with low mileage and after we talked about price and test drove it.  We enter the dreaded the salesman's office for the paper work.   One of my nephews said to me;  "you have to bend over his desk and ask him not to make it hurt too much."  The Duke's experience started here when he informed the salesman that there is an extra $500.00 on the bill.  This is where he explains that the following items are mandatory. 
There is an expense of $199.00 for 1 supply of Nitrogen to fill my tires.   Also in this package if the body rusts from the outside to the inside, I can maybe recover $3,000.00 on the repair bill.   However there is so much fine print that I doubt that I will ever be able to collect as my friend found out with his "Rust Buster".
If I was a pilot of a Boeing 747 where my tires had to deal with rapid temperature changes from +30 to -40 degrees then pure nitrogen might be beneficial in my tires but normal air has 79 percent or so nitrogen in the mixture, so that will be fine with me.  If I have a tire with low pressure, it is a heck of a lot more convenient for me to fill it up with my own compressor rather than drive to the dealership and wait around till they have time to put nitrogen in the tires even thought I get the service free for a year. Wow, isn't that exciting!  Why do I have this?  I was told it was "MANDATORY"
The other "MANDATORY" item I have is the Anti-Theft Marking System for $299.00.  I have watched and read reports from consumer advocacy groups stating that this is absolutely useless and the police have never heard of it and do not use it. if my vehicle is stolen, I receive a $4,000.00 "Loyalty Credit" off of the sticker price if I buy a vehicle from the dealer within 90 days of the theft.  In the fine print of this paper work it states:  "The Administrator has no financial obligation or gurarantee under this contract."  In other words,  good luck trying to collect on this one.   however when I said;  " I do not want it,"  the Salesman told me that Jeeps are stolen a lot and implied that they end up in the Middle East for the Terrorists to use.   When I see news footage of ISIS, it looks like they prefer Toyota Trucks more than Jeeps, but alas, at this point you are worn out by your captors and you bend over the desk and take it.   
These Mandatory upselling items are illegal in Ontario, however there is no enforcement so your only choice is to bend over and take it or walk away from the deal.  I would rather have car dealers save me some time and simply say; 'Look we want to nail you for another 500 bucks over the price we quoted you so we have tacked on this crap to make it look like you are getting something for it,  here are the keys.



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Re: Beware of the Car Salesman

I had this same conversation with a salesman in Listowel. We got up from the desk and told him I was driving to St.Mary's to buy the very same vehicle without the extra bullshit. Screw him and his deceptive up-sell.



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