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Canadian Grub to Go

This little hole in the wall is located between the Bank of Montreal and the Theatre Store on Downie St.

I must say this place is unassuming from the street. I have walked and drove by for a few years now and said..."I really should go in there some day". Well last Saturday was the day. GF and I we're coming back from Kitchener and our day clock was screwed up.  We'd missed traditional lunch and it was now 3:30. We didn't want anything big, but we wanted something. A turn or two on to Market Square and there was that home made wood sign with the pots hanging in the window. I can't exactly remember what this was before...the shipping store...or something (never really understood that business).

The place is long and narrow and separated into to areas. A small bar stool sitting area at the front and small kitchen and at the back a much larger open kitchen and further table and bar stool seats. The décor is a funky home style that defies description. A large map of Ontario is drawn on one wall with Wawa in Northern Ontario noted. Pinned to that is a very out of date map of local suppliers. Behind the counter are chalk boards with menu items and specials and large hand drawn map of Canada with ingredients labeled in different parts of the country. The claim to fame is that the owner/chef only uses Canadian ingredients.

We ordered and GF had a half pulled pork sandwich and I had what was said to the favourite of regulars, a half roast beef sandwich. GF's was on a mini baguette and mine on a dense rye type bread. Both apparently baked in house. For $6.50 each they were very nice. Surprisingly the place is licensed, although we only glanced at the wine list.

Looking at the rest of the menu it looks like we might pop in again. Its quick, reasonably priced and good quality simply presented food. Worth a try.



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Re: Canadian Grub to Go

This was the guy who was on Chopped Canada.  Didn't win, and frankly was a bit of a whiner when he was tossed, a shame as we went out of our way to root for a local boy.  Having said that, I hear his place is quite good.  We have yet to get in, but should do so soon.

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Re: Canadian Grub to Go

He uses only product that's available locally, too.
And does a gluten-free bread that is really good, according to my gluten-intolerant friend that I had lunch with. He even uses a different cutting board to cut the gluten free stuff so there's no chance of cross contamination.
I've always been more than pleased with anything that I've eaten from Grub.



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