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New Sobeys

The new Sobeys and its surrounding pads is well under way. A couple of things I noted...

- The main pad is about half way between Huron and the tracks. There is no activity on the back half......anyone know why?

- they appear to be putting in lanes running toward Huron parallel to O'Loane....where is the entrance this supposed to Huron or off O'Loane?

- Great job of cutting down every last one of the pines in the corner by Matilda...typical Stratford development....cut down any mature tree within 100 meters of the development and then replace it with a stick with two leaves.

- Word had it from one of the workers chopping down trees (GF Works in the building beside that so they are outside her back door)...they are making room for a Pizza Hut.....really....we need another Pizza Hut as much as we need the one on Ontario.

- Be nice if a bank was going in there and a proper bar restaurant like Fiona McCools, Milestones, or something similar.....(but we get Pizza Hut)



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Re: New Sobeys

When the plan was presented at the public meeting, all the sub stores were to the front of the Sobeys, several bigger ones backing onto the theatre,in an "L" configuration and a row along Huron where the MTO office use to be, and a couple fronting on O'Loane....nothing approved for the back of the lot.  Main entrance off O'Loane but there may have been an exit onto Huron about mid way between O'Loane and the theatre.

Those trees were all crap and are in the way of one of the new stores.  But it too bad that the City would not adopt a "green" standard for new development, like trees in the parking lot between rows of cars along with permeable pavement to collect storm water and water the trees. Yes that would impact on the number of parking spaces by having say a 4 ft strip between the parking rows and the pavement sloped differently to collect the run off. But trees would keep cars cooler, increase canopy cover, and collect storm-water rather than collect and dump in the creek.  Urban planning has not progressed very far here in Stratford.

The City refuses to embrace "silver or gold LEED  energy efficient standards"....we missed the boat at the rotary complex and now we are spending a butt load of money replacing the lighting with new more energy efficient led ligating.  A recent energy audit confirmed the complex is the biggest user of energy of city structures (next is the Allman Arena), Yet the CAO swore the Rotary Complex was the best possible energy design and refused to recommend an energy efficiency plan as part of the design prior to building...waste of money.  So we pay now!!



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Re: New Sobeys

My question is how long before this store closes? They are either converting the old store to carry the compliments line or shutting it down. They closed all those money losing stores out west but continue to build this one. The most expensive store in town and they are locating right near three of there lower price competitors. At least the old store is located in an under serviced area and so had a guaranteed customer base unlike this new store.



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