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#1 2014-06-13 17:09:31

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The sky is indeed falling!!!

Moving on from our there are major problems in Iraq....terrorists are messing around American oil interests....therefore the cost of gas will be going up!!! (also people drive more in the summer, hence supply and demand will naturally push up prices).   

But Americans are having another fit....should they go back into Iraq????  (heck they have lots of equipment nearby in Afghanistan....cheaper to move it over a few thousand miles than ship it home).....a boost for the military, and the arms industry....supports gas and oil interests.

What do you predict will happen next??



#2 2014-06-16 12:43:09

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Re: The sky is indeed falling!!!

We will continue to be screwed by the oil companies even with our supplies out west. They will raise prices and even when the conflict ends the price of gas will never return to it's pre-crisis levels just like they have done will ever previous supposed crisis. Just another excuse to jack prices and keep them jacked. Remember Katrina and the 50 cent hike that never really returned to prices. You know when gas was .80 to .90 cents a litre.



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