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#1 2014-04-24 10:46:03

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Beer Store

When a monopoly starts advertising on TV and know they are feeling threatened and that's a good thing.

The Beer Store, a government granted monopoly to 3 foreign owned breweries to sell the population of the province beer; starts trying to convince you that only they can protect the 3 year olds from becoming raging alcoholics....they are feeling the heat.

If I was the Beer Store I would be concerned that the train rolling down the track wanting to open beer sales into grocery stores and convenience stores could mean the end of their free ride. For decades they have held Ontario hostage. Now a market of some 14 million has only them to go to buy beer. What a deal...for the breweries. They can keep small breweries out by making stocking rules that are ridiculous and unachievable and push their own products at the expense of others. They can go to the LCBO they will say....sure they can and face another government monopoly which is hated by the Ontario wine industry and not at all loved by the craft beer industry either.

When ad's like are currently running promote that everyone in the province is some sort of dim witted sod and only they have the intelligence to sell beer.....its time to pull the plug.



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Re: Beer Store

The self-serving former curler who showed up recently has balls bigger than the rocks he used to throw.  Meeting the Mayor to suggest his cartel continue as "the status quo" took some nerve.  A 1927 distribution model created from the ashes of prohibition remains in 2014.  Incredible.



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