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The tragedy of no electricity in Toronto

I watched the horror of people living in homes worth in excess of $600,000 who pay a hell of a lot less property taxes than we Stratfordonians do as they spent the holidays without electricity.   The one news story showed a woman with a very fancy stainless steel double side by side door refrigerator complaining on the loss of food.  I shouted barbeque (outside of course) the meat or put the in the garage or outside in a cooler being it is below freezing.

Perhaps a Red Neck's solution to the problem but maybe Toronto could use some good ole common sense. 

Oh, I know that in a high rise your options are less and difficulty is much greater than in Rosedale and for those apartment people, I do have sympathy.

One other thing that makes Toronto the author of their own misfortune is that there Tree Cutting by-laws are so encompassing and Draconian,  you are left with trees that are not trimmed or cut down when they should be so you get an ice storm and what happens?  Well gee whiz,  they knocked down the power lines,,,golly gee....................



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