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Ssuicide attempt at Cooper site


The Cooper site.

Police stop suicide attempt at Cooper site

Police officers on Saturday were able to apprehend a suicidal man about to hang himself inside the abandoned locomotive shop on the Cooper site.

According to a press release issued Sunday morning, the Stratford Police Service was contacted by the OPP at 4 p.m. about an emotionally disturbed 19-year-old man from St. Marys who had sent a text to his mother telling her of his plans.

Officers located the man’s vehicle outside the Copper building but couldn’t gain access since all the doors were secure.  The fire department attended and cut a lock to one of the main doors.

Once inside, officers located the man on the second floor with a rope around his neck and the other end tied to a main beam.

“Officers were able to talk to him from the ground while two officers attended the upper area,” said Insp. Sam Theocharis. “Officers on the ground were able to distract the male while officers on the upper floor apprehended him.”

The man was transported to the hospital for an assessment.
This isn’t the first time local police have responded to such as call at the historic downtown structure. Last May, a 23-year-old Toronto-area man died after falling from the roof. The victim’s mother believes the incident was a suicide.

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Re: Ssuicide attempt at Cooper site

More windows sealed up after recent suicide attempt at Stratford Cooper site

The Beacon Herald

Friday, November 29, 2013

The City of Stratford is taking extra steps to safeguard the Cooper site from trespassers.

It's an ongoing battle though. The condition of the building is one of the issues that presents a challenge.

“The security of the building is something we constantly reassess and due to recent incidents it’s been reassessed,” said Ron Shaw, city CAO.

A recent attempted suicide in the building is one such incident. In fact, the fire department was called to help police get inside at the time.

If police can’t get in the building it's pretty secure, Shaw noted.

Even so, windows that had been boarded halfway up are now completely sealed. It’s only the windows near the very top that are still open – they’re at least 10 metres off the ground.

The building is inspected regularly, as often as once a week. It doesn’t cost the city vast amounts of money because it’s part of the inspectors' routine, Shaw said.

Young partiers and the curious were a problem shortly after the fire a decade ago. Why the Cooper site was a draw is a mystery to Shaw but it seems to be a common problem with old abandoned buildings.

Efforts to keep those people out seem to have worked. It’s not often someone gets in, he suggested.

A group of University of Waterloo Stratford campus students were filming on the property, outside the building, Friday afternoon.

“We can turn it into whatever we want,” said student Ashna Mankotia. “Sometimes it’s nice to work with a blank slate and sometimes it's nice to have a background with character and history.”

How long the building will stand has been up for some debate. There are those in the community who think it has heritage value and should not be destroyed while others believe it’s an eyesore and should be torn down.

City staff are going over recent reports and comments from the public. A report from staff will be coming to council in the near future.

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Re: Ssuicide attempt at Cooper site

How about sealing the whole thing up. In a hole in the ground!!!



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