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National Home Services

I have been reading about this company in the news, and today, one of their sales guys was at my door.  When they are described as aggressive, it's no joke! 

He was a fast talking Doberman like little guy.  First sentence was they are in the neighbourhood to ensure each house gets the free energy efficient upgrade for your rental hot water heater. 

That's all he got to say as my mind jumped directly to the end of conversation, No thanks, I'm not interested in what you have to offer.  Of course, the counter was "I'm not selling anything"  ha, sorry, still at end of convo here. 

I'm not going to discuss this with you, have a good day.  But this guy doesn't skip a beat, and just like a Doberman was staring straight into my eyes.  Even as I turn to go back into the house without further discussion he continues to try to engage me.  Finally I give him a tidbit of information that will put an end to this,,,I own all of my equipment.  Finally he said ok, I'll take you off the list.

Wish I had thought to say that at the beginning. 

Be careful, neighbours, don't let these guys in the door.  This is the company that is inspiring new provincial laws with respect to door to door sales of water heaters.



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