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OMB status stratford

Current E-Status Case List for Stratford

The records listed below are cases currently "Open" before the OMB or have recently been Closed.

Property Address -----Case Description--------- Status -----------Case Number

1.   Name Card Not Assigned LC120027-1353837 Ontario Inc.vs City of Stratford Open LC120027
2.    Name Card Not Assigned PeopleCare Stratford Inc. Closed PL060969
3.    Part Of Lot 42, Concession 1  PL071013-Avonwood Shopping Centres Limited Closed PL071013
4.    863, 897 Erie Street, Lot 4, Concession 3 AND  PL071206-1357442 Ont. Ltd Closed PL071206
5.    Lands Annexed in 2003/05/06 for Industrial Uses  PL080103-OPA 15/ZBL 197-2007 Closed PL080103
6.    211 Railway Ave  PL080977-Pol Quality Homes Inc. Closed PL080977
7.    118 Norman Street  PL100760-Terry Finlay Closed PL100760
8.    65 Dufferin Street  PL101200- Trinity Development Group Inc. Closed PL101200
9.    Ontario Street East Area  PL101412-Stratford Interim Control B/L Closed PL101412
10.    618 ,630 & 640 Huron St. & 685 O' Loane Ave.  PL120399-ZBA 26-2012 - Commercial Development Open PL120399
11.    Name Card is Inactive as Contact PL120597-18112501 Ontario Ltd Open PL120597

Heres the link to check for yourself:

The war has just begun........notice 1353837 ontario limited belongs to lawrence ryan, and the city will pay in the end once again.

You Can't Fix Stupid!



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Re: OMB status stratford

Why oh why can't we just remove Ryan from the planet????

Venus, Mars, Jupiter but this LUNATIC must go!



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