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Miss Manners
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Barbeque & Auction at Upper Queens Park

Event: Barbeque & Auction - Saturday July 14, 2012 1-4 p.m.
Place : Upper Queens Park
For: All proceeds to the Canadian Cancer Society

I am so impressed with 12 year old Kylee Pauli. From experience, I know how much work goes into planning an event, I'm very impressed. Please share and attend if you can. If you tweet it, please hashtag #kyleepauli and  at @cancersociety. I hope Kylee is successful in raising money that will assist in the fight against cancer. Although the food fee is minimal, please consider giving more than the allotted amount.
You are not only supporting the fight against cancer, your support may inspire many young people to get involved for goodness and righteousness.

If you didn't read it the hardcopy, make the jump-

" Plough in the dynamical plane, and harvest in parameter space."


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