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the tragedy of milk cartons in the dump

"Something stinks here. I'm very upset to suggest we've been taken under the new agreement," he said.

"We've been told by staff they can't find a contract for gabled cartons. Somebody owes an explanation to the people of Stratford."

Councillor Paul Nickel

It may be just a personal problem but the dire horror that people are expressing over this is not shared by me.    I work long hours and do all of those duties of caring for family and paying bills and I really do not care one way or the other if a milk carton ends up in the landfill site or is recycled into what ever.   The problem seems so trivial to me.    There seems to be a lot bigger issues to be concerned with.

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Re: the tragedy of milk cartons in the dump … ing-debate

Wow, what a cluster duck.  It seems simple to me-pick the dang things up.  Instead, you're adding to the garbage bags if you don't.  Dumb, stupid and moronic decision by council and the staff that brought it forward.  Thats what happens when 1/2 your city managers don't live here-it doesn't affect them so they don't care.

Time for a new job requirement of Management level staff and up- MUST LIVE IN THE CITY THAT PAYS YOUR SALARY FROM TAX BASE!!!!



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Re: the tragedy of milk cartons in the dump

milk cartons and Tim's cups.....give me a break. The old recycler made us cut the little plastic spout out each milk carton. They would take the plastic cap of a soft drink bottle if it was attached to the bottle itself...but haven forbid if the plastic cap itself was thrown into the bin by itself!  The whole cap thing became a game of "who is on duty today"...leave them in the bin long enough and they will take them.

Recycling is a government subisdized feel good project. Newsprint...plastics....all have a market...the rest...questionable at best



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