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Please exercise common sense when using these forums. Anything you choose to post should be considered in the same way you would consider broadcasting a public press release. Posts should focus on ideas and issues rather than individuals and character attributes. Disagreeing with an individual's idea is great when your reasons are supported well. Saying "you're an idiot" or "so and so is a real jerk" is a character attack without support. Further, if you make claims about an individual which cannot be supported as being true, your words could be considered as libel and subject to legal action.

Although will use its best judgement in deleting objectionable posts, you also accept that by using these forums, you may occassionally be subject to posts which you find offensive. Viewer and poster discretion is advised.

Attention Spammers! If your only intention is to create a profile to increase page rank for a website by posting links in your signature or elsewhere, please save your time! Your account will be immediately deleted as soon as it is apparent that you have no real interest or connection to

Happy posting!

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